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Grown/Growing October 26, 2009

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Bumped into a friend at the BC office today…he seemed so discombobulated that he walked right past and barely said hi at first. He later explained that he had just lost it at the Bank of China and got so angry that he punched the elevator wall. And at that moment, I was right there with him, feeling totally sympathetic because I have BEEN THERE! It’s crazy, but living in China can really make one crazy! Especially banks. (I’ve had my own shitty Chinese bank encounter before.) It’s like important, serious business that you’re trying to handle there and neither broken Chinese, broken English, nor improv sign language will do. Very very tough to maintain in those trying situations…and I just wanted to reach out and give R a great big huggie for the Bad China Day (BCD) that he was having. And for being an overall cutie…

I must say though, I am pleased that BCD’s are becoming fewer and further in between for me. I wonder if that means I’m just getting used to the annoyances (was in Tianjin this weekend and I can say that Beijing is definitely better/more together/less ghetto), or that China is changing, or that I’m changing. Life is great, (new) job is interesting, feeling generally loved by family and friends. Can’t think of any major drama or beefs I have going on in my life, so that is a good sign. Shit, I better go check my horoscope just to be sure. Lol!

Coming back here (to Xanga & blogging) is a bit of a hurdle I think. It was at this time last year that I was nursing a broken heart and afraid to write, aka document all the little pieces that had been scattered left and right (no, I am not a drama queen at all! ). I look back and wonder whether it might have been cool to have a record of all the mad ways I was recovering…rather than be self-destructive, I felt I had to take extra special care of myself: by treating myself to excessive luxe spa visits, frequent shopping sprees, too many open bar nights (hey that was the fault of my friend, who was working in events planning back then), weekends in Hong Kong or NYC, or anywhere that anyone ever suggested we go for any length of time as long as I could reschedule my classes. Pheew, sure glad all that is over with and I can get back to saving for my retirement. Or for the next heartbreak…

Missed ya!


Can’t put my finger on it… April 2, 2009

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…but something has really been getting my goat lately. (Warning: gossip post ahead)

So I recently started tweeting (@bjsunlove)…after I got over the initial “ummm, who the hell would give a @#$! about what I was doing at all times?!” Isn’t it more or less like blogging where I tell you all about the random and supremely important stuff that’s going on with me in excessive detail? I mean, how much do you guys really care? Wait, don’t answer that…

Anyway, what’s up with constantly using status updates and tweets to brag? So&so is holding a full lotus pose while completing an astrophysics PhD at MIT and enjoying a dinner privately prepared by Alain Ducasse all the while breaking a world record in shot put and butt-booty freaking R. Kelly in the backseat of his Bentley. Seriously, this person is like the worst boast-about-her-child Asian parent you’ve ever met x 973!  

Of course I can understand that we sometimes use these social networking tools to share exciting news with friends, but where is the audience awareness? Do all your acquaintances and random contacts need to know all that extra-ness every hour of every day? To quote a friend: “a self-aggrandising biotch”. Occasionally we all deserve to flaunt a little what we got…you get into grad school, you won free tickets to see Kylie Minogue, you got a fat rock from your man, but every day? FOR REAL? Your life is really that exciting? (Sad thing is, this person is in my social circle and is nowhere near as interesting as the updates and tweets purport her to be.) Puh-leez.

My roommate thinks it’s inappropriate for me to un-friend or un-follow this person. Anyone have insight on what the netiquette is here? Ugh.


Easing back into Xanga March 17, 2009

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I feel a little strange here…not really sure what to write. Wish I weren’t so lazy about uploading photos from my camera to my computer lately. Then at least I could post some pics.

Anyway, today was a gorgeous day in Beijing. Our first spring day you could say…we got into the high 70’sF/25’sC! ‘Twas nice to see folks out in the hutongs (hey, I moved!) just hanging out not doing much. I found myself wishing I had my camera as I was heading home from school so I could capture some of the other folks’ excitement about this weather. In other news, I lost my voice today. Strange, I have a little cough, but not many other symptoms…just that sexy voice (oh yeah).

As I was planning our weekly Wednesday mani/pedi visit with friends just now, it occured to me it’s almost Wednesday here, which means it’s almost the weekend again. Yay! Because I don’t have classes on Fridays, the work week just seems to fly by. Monday to Thursdays are pretty intense, so by the time I get a chance to look out, I’m already at Wednesday, which is just one day away from Thursday, which is my Friday. Sweet!

Ha, but I’m starting a new side gig on weekends…it’s not every weekend, but it will be good for keeping Sunlove off the streets. Speaking of streets, I bumped into an old friend/colleague today on the “streets” of campus. We weren’t especially close before, but since most of the folks we knew in common have already left Beijing, it felt really nice to see a familiar face. Had a great chat in the sun. He looked good too! Too bad he’s gotten married since the last time I saw him.

Ooh, that felt good. I get to say silly things like who’s hot, etc., because no one I know here is reading this…nany-nany-na-ny! Oh dear. Told you I felt strange about Xanga….definitely need to put a little more thought into my next post. Sorry folks…


Visit to a past life March 12, 2009

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I logged into one of my old aol accounts today, the one, incidentally, where all my Xanga subs go, and it felt like visiting a past life, or three!

First, I had to delete all the ads from FTD, Aveda, Saks, and iTunes. Then I checked email from friends who are still forwarding stuff to me at that address. Then, I checked Yingwen Teach emails…they’re the agent/organization I used to get my first job in China (2005). There was also an email from the ELFs who sent me to Bulgaria a couple years ago. Then the emails from Giant Step alerting to new music (thank goodness cuz I needed some new stuff!).

And then, Xanga! Wow, it feels like visiting old friends to see everyone still here…typhoon5ht, arcaca, Kenwats, stellawahwa, starberri, Lollipoop, moothedog, even swinger has started to blog again…yay! (even though I can’t read it…) Much props to you all who keeping up with Xanga. You all put me to shame. I haven’t written in months… and it’s not just on Xanga. I haven’t been writing for myself these days…

Anyway, I quite like Xanga because no one in my BJ life knows about it. Like my own little secret world. Yes, one that everyone wants to get in on…


Catching up November 15, 2008

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I’ve finally gotten to November Xanga subscriptions…

Mario Supergirl Spidey


What’s wrong with this picture? October 14, 2008

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Okay, let me preface this by saying that there will be no picture with this post. I don’t have my camera with me… (Yeah I know, I’m slipping! Especially since I now have a shiny new one…)

So let me describe what I see. I am on the rooftop level of the Bridge Cafe, a local spot here in Wudaokou (my little uni neighborhood in BJ). It’s a fabulous little place, and on this gorgeous day the place is packed. Coffee is good, huge selection of food, and you shoulda seen my face/eyes when the waiter brought out the slice f apple pie that girl at the next table ordered…

So there are 17 people sitting at 7 tables…there’s actually one empty table left (but it has no chairs). The groups range from 2 small to 6 large. (Loner me doesn’t count cuz I am the solo cool blogger…taking a break from grading papers.) Add to the 17 people 9 laptop computers. (I didn’t include mine.) What’s crazy to me is that everyone other than me is sitting with other people. Folks are socializing with computers between them! And no, these are not random folks they met at the cafe…they arrive together, or so it appears.

What gives? Has this always been a part of cafe culture and I just never noticed? Why the computers if we’re coming to chat with friends?  

Will try to remember a camera next time…


Acceptance. October 6, 2008

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Buddha at Todaiji

That’s my mantra for this week. Maybe for the month. But let’s see how things go.

A tough lesson for me, but I will need it.

But on a lighter note, these are photos from my new camera. Followers of the life and times of SunLove will remember that I dumped a bottle of Crystal Geyser on my old one while in California this past August. It was tough getting through a whole month without a camera (it’s an Asian thang…?) but after a whole month of suffering, I did what many-a-visitor to Osaka does. Paid a visit to Den Den Town in Nipponbashi.

On my first day with my new toy, here are my favorites from a visit to Nara Park:

Deer at Nara Koen  Turtles at Nara Koen

Keep me in your Pilates yall. Arigato gozaimasu.